D-Link DIR-615 Manual

Before to share about D-Link DIR-615 manual, you have to know that the D-Link Wireless N Router DIR-615 provides better wireless signals for our network than existing wireless 802.11g technology “which was publishing before at the home page of this site” and it also has a responsive and intuitive Web interface.

D-Link DIR-615 Router gives you very fast wireless speeds there is stated up to 300Mbps, so it is ideal for everyday web/online activities like e-mail, web browsing and music streaming. This router also comes with 4 Fast Ethernet ports for connecting Ethernet-enabled devices for supporting to fast connections.

So this device is one of recommend product of Wireless N Router for your home office more speed and productivity than you ever thought possible.

D-Link DIR-615 Manual

We would like to inform you that the user manual for D-Link DIR-615 Router has 98 page in pdf files. There are many useful information regarding to setup of the router. For sure here are the table of content for your reference.

D-Link DIR-615 Manual

Table of Contents

Product Overview -4
Package Contents-4
System Requirements-4
Hardware Overview-6
Before you Begin-8
Wireless Installation Considerations-9
Connect to Cable/DSL/Satellite Modem-10
Connect to Another Router-11
Getting Started-13
Web-based Configuration Utility-14
Internet Connection Setup Wizard-15
Internet Setup-20
Manual Configuration-20
Dynamic IP Address (DHCP)-21
PPPoE (DSL)-22
Static IP Address-27
Big Pond-28
Wireless Settings-29
Manual Configuration-30
Network Settings-32
DHCP Server Settings-33
DHCP Reservation-34
Virtual Server-36
Port Forwarding-38
Application Rules-39
Network Filters-40
Access Control-41
Access Control Wizard-41
Website Filters-44
Inbound Filters-45
Firewall Settings-46
ALG Configuration-47
VPN Passthrough-47
H.323 -47
SIP (VoIP)-47
MMS -47
Advanced Wireless Settings-48
Wi-Fi Protected Setup-49
Advanced Network Settings-51
Internet Ping Block-51
Internet Port Speed-51
Multicast Streams-51
Administrator Settings-52
Time Settings-53
E-mail Setting-55
System Settings-56
Update Firmware-57
DDNS -58
System Check-59
Device Information-61
Internet Sessions-65
Wireless Security-69
What is WEP?-69
What is WPA?-70
Wireless Security Setup Wizard-71
Wireless Wizard – Auto-72
Wireless Wizard – Manual -73
Configure WEP -75
Configure WPA-Personal (PSK)-76
Configure WPA-Enterprise (RADIUS)-77
Connect to a Wireless Network -79
Add Wireless Device Wizard -79
Using Windows ®  XP -82
Configure WEP-83
Configure WPA-PSK -85
Troubleshooting -87
Wireless Basics -91
What is Wireless? -92
Tips -94
Wireless Modes-95
Networking Basics-96
Check your IP address-96
Statically Assign an IP address-97
Technical Specifications-98

Here is the D-Link dir 615 manual user, that would guide you for exploring the functions and features of your DIR 615 router, see below. Feel free to download the dir 615 on dlink official website at here

  • Peter Sarge

    Manual OK but nowhere can I get information about the knob on the right side of the router. It blinks blue when pushed. What does it do?